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Fine Press (zines, books, art, more 1987 – present).

R. Buckminster Fuller (2008 – present).
George Walford (1992 – present).

A Man of Letters (podcast, 2015 – present).
OVO (magazine, 1987 – present).

2016 – The Eagle And the Serpent Index of Names
2016 – Pop-Up and Children’s Books Historic Values
2016 – Buckminster Fuller Bibliography
2016 – Max Stirner Bibliography
2014 – Confessions of a Failed Egoist and Other Essays
2012 – The Lost Inventions of Buckminster Fuller
2011 – Portland Memorials

Introduction, Contributor, Thanks To, Mention, Etc.:
2017 – The Philosophy of Time by Dora Marsden. Introduction, works cited.
2016 – For Love and Money by Leighton Pagan. Introduction, works cited & end notes.
2016 – The Martyrdom of Percy Whitcomb by Erwin McCall.  Introduction.
2016 – The Bicycle Craze by W. C. Brann.  Introduction.
2015 – Outbursts of Everett True by A. D. Condo and J. W. Raper.  Introduction, co-editor.
2014 – Undercover Mormon by Th. Metzger.  Trevor Blake is a character in this book.  See also the 2017 season of A Man of Letters.
2014 – The Gospel According to Malfew Seklew by Sirfessor Wilkesbarre.  Introduction, co-editor.
2012 – The Way of Men by Jack Donovan.  “My Vulcan friend Trevor Blake and I have been trading ideas about manliness over drinks and cigars for years, and his pages of notes provided much food for thought.”
2010 – Invented Religions by Carole M. Cusack.  Onan Canobite is a character in this book.
2009 – Blood-Brotherhood by Jack Donovan and Nathan Miller. “To… his sage advisor in many things, Mr. Trevor Blake, [Jack Donovan] would like to offer his thanks and appreciation.”
2007 – Akashic Record of the Astral Convention by Hakim Bey.  Trevor Blake is a character in this book.
2001 – Strange Creations by Donna Kossy.  “Thanks to… Trevor Blake… for sources and comments.”
2006 – The SubGenius Psychlopaedia of Slack by Ivan Stang.  Author, Artist.
2003 – The Journal of Ride Theory Omnibus by Dan Howland.  Author.
2001 – Strange Creations by Donna Kossy.  Author.
1995 – Zine by Pagan Kennedy.  Trevor Blake is a character in this book.
1994 – Killing for Culture by David Kerekes.  “In some way [Trevor Blake] made it that much easier to get it all together.”
1994 – Revelation X by Ivan Stang.  Author, Artist.
1994 – Kooks by Donna Kossy.  Author.
1994 – In Extremis by Bill Babouris. Author.
1992 – The World of Zines by Mike Gunderloy. Author, Artist.
1991 – Anarchy and the End of History by Mike Gunderloy.   Author.
1991 – Killer Fiction by Sondra London.  Author.
1991 – T.A.Z. The Temporary Autonomous Zone by Hakim Bey.  “Thanx to [OVO] in which some of these pieces [first] appeared.”
1990 – Loompanics Greatest Hits by Michael Hoy.  Trevor Blake is a character in this book.
1990 – Three-Fisted Tales of “Bob” by Ivan Stang.  Author.
1988 – High Weirdness by Mail by Ivan Stang.  Author, Artist.
1987 – semiotext(e) USA by Jim Flemming and Peter Wilson.  Author.
1987 – Pozdravi iz Babilona by KRT. Author, artist.