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OVO 10 Mayhem (July 1991)

July 1991: Test print of one copy. 48 pages, 8.5 inches by 5.5 inches, black and white photocopy.
July 1991: 1st ed. of two hundred numbered copies. 48 pages, 8.5 inches by 5.5 inches. black and white photocopy.

Includes an interview with Stuart Swezey, the Zodiac cypher explained, true crime, Sondra London, Mike Diana, Hakim Bey.  First publication of The Avant-Garde Eats Shit and Likes It by Hakim Bey, later collected in T.A.Z. The Temporary Autonomous Zone.

  • Front Cover by Jim Ellis. This was the first image that Jim produced on a computer. He went on to master the tool, as he did with every other tool he took up.
  • Introduction. The themes discussed in this issue of OVO did indeed become ‘normal’ in mainstream media.
  • Interview with Stuart Swezey. Images from the AMOK catalog. In 1991 I said there seemed to be no end to the number of publications on these topics and interest in them. Decades later, I still receive unsolicited publications on these themes.
  • The Zodiac Cypher Explained. The cypher the Zodiac killer mailed in three parts to three San Fransisco area newspapers was solved within a month of being printed in August 1969. This is not an explanation of how the cypher was solved (that information can be found in Zodiac by Robert Graysmith) but instead how to use it.  This is the only time the means to use the Zodiac cypher has been published. I backwards-engineered the code from the description in Graysmith’s book. Since the letters J, Q and Z were not used in the initial Zodiac cypher, there is no symbol for them in this explanation.
  • Interview with Ginger Hutton.  Ginger Hutton was a friend of mine who worked in a used bookstore in Knoxville, Tennessee USA.
  • Letter from Sandra London.  Sondra London is a publisher and author. Her publication history has included original fiction, non-fiction and art by convicted serial killers. A solicitation letter for OVO 10 MAYHEM received this reply. In this letter, Ms. London makes reference to having dated Gerard John Schaefer in high school. Schaefer went on to become a serial killer, and Ms. London published his book Beyond Killer Fiction. My first book credit was writing the back cover blurb for Beyond Killer Fiction. Ms. London was also instrumental in my publication of The Dreadlock Recollections by Kerry Wendell Thornley.
  • OVO by Mike Diana. The US government jailed Mike for obscenity, and ruled he could not produce art – even in private and for his own consumption – under penalty of imprisonment. He has since paid his debt to society and achieved success as a professional artist. James Scianna wrote for both Boiled Angel and OVO. The art by Mike Diana was specifically cited as to why this issue of OVO was barred from sale from a magazine store in Knoxville, Tennessee.
  • The Avant Garde Eats Shit and Likes It by Hakim Bey. First publication of this essay, later published in T.A.Z. The Temporary Autonomous Zone.

OVO is a collection of new works in the public domain edited and published by Trevor Blake since 1987. New issues are in progress.