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OVO 11 Control (September 1991)

Hakim Bey, The Real Reason for Gun Ownership, eating disorders, V. Vale, Christian terrorism.  First publication of Evil Eye by Hakim Bey.  Review of Surviving Prison and The Idle Warriors.

  • Front Cover by James Ellis.
  • The Real Reason for Gun Ownership by The Company of Freemen.  Reprinted from the 1990 Main Catalogue of Loompanics Unlimited.
  • Evil Eye by Hakim Bey. Ink drawings by Trevor Blake. First appearance in print.
  • Review of Surviving in Prison by Harold Long. The second time a publisher honored me by sending a book to review.
  • Review of The Idle Warriors by Kerry Thornley. Another book from another publisher, sent to me for free to review. As I began to take OVO more seriously, others did as well – I hope they sold a book or two because of my reviews.  Sixteen years later I would publish a book by Kerry, The Dredlock Recollections.
  • Interview with Melissa. This interview with a friend about her eating disorder made an impression on many readers. What I thought I knew about eating disorders and television has changed since this interview was published. As of 2010, Melissa is doing just fine.
  • Warbucks Intra-Family Communique by Ernest Mann. Ernest Mann advocated refusing to take pay for one’s work, with the idea that if everyone worked for free then the need to charge for goods and services (and scarcity of goods and services) would vanish, bringing universal prosperity. Earnest Mann was murdered on 12 March 1996.  He was 69 years old and resided in Little Falls, Minnesota USA. He was murdered by his grandson, who then killed himself.
  • Interview with V. Vale of Re/Search. I have seen interviews with Vale published after this but I have yet to see one published before. In the interview I mention that the office of AIDS Response Knoxville was fire bombed: Vale said that wasn’t reported on the West Coast. It is still the case that Christian terrorism is underreported in the United States. The Internet now offers the kind of ‘clipping service’ for under-reported news that Vale wished for, but access to the ‘real’ news has not changed the masses (“this kind of control mentality will apparently always be with us…“). In May 1990, Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney were injured by a bomb that exploded in their car. They were accused by the FBI of being responsible for the bomb. Judi died from cancer in March 1997, but her family and friends kept the case alive. In August 2002 they were awarded $4.4 million in their civil rights lawsuit against the FBI: the court determined they had been framed. Jock Sturges was arrested for ‘child pornography’ in April 1990 but the case against him was dismissed a year later. In the mid 1990s Christian groups caused ‘child pornography’ charges to be brought against the book chain Barnes & Noble for stocking work by Sturges. Vale copy-edited this interview but I can claim all the remaining errors for my own.

OVO is a collection of new works in the public domain edited and published by Trevor Blake since 1987. New issues are in progress.