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OVO 14 Suffering (March 1992)

Cover by James Ellis.  Quotes on suffering from Walter Alter, H. Barbin, Julian Beck, Philip K. Dick, J. R. “Bob” Dobbs, For Ourselves, Anton LaVey, Nathan Leopold, Sandy Lesberg, G. Litherland, H. Rammel, P. M., Ernest Mann, Gary Reith, Israel Regardie, Marquis deSade.   Also includes Murder – War – Famine – Greed by Hakim Bey and Give Up Art, Save the Starving from the Neoist Art Strike.

Front Cover by Jim Ellis. The graphic in the upper left is some horrible thing made abstract.
Announcement by Trevor Blake.
Introduction by Trevor Blake.
Ask Yourself by Trevor Blake.
Murder, War, Famine, Greed by Hakim Bey. Piles of glasses. Reprinted from T.A.Z. The Temporary Autonomous Zone.
Give Up Art, Save the Starving by Karen Elliot. Neoist text. This particular Karen Elliot also wrote Operation Negation, appearing in an earlier issue of OVO.
Back cover.

OVO is a collection of new works in the public domain edited and published by Trevor Blake since 1987. New issues are in progress.