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OVO 16 AntiChrist (January 2006)


The withering away of Christianity under the twin suns of reason and scorn. Trevor Blake, Dan Howland, Peter Lamborn Wilson. 52 pages, 8.5 x 11

Trevor Blake: Introduction
Trevor Blake: Pi
Trevor Blake: The Flat Earth
Trevor Blake: Christianity, the Slave Religion
Trevor Blake: Unicorns, Dragons, God and Other Imaginary Monsters
Trevor Blake: Infallible and Eternal
Trevor Blake: Women in the Bible
Trevor Blake: God Hates Fags
Trevor Blake: Biblical Innumeracy
Trevor Blake: The Ten Commandments(s)
Trevor Blake: God Damned (exclusive to printed edition)
Trevor Blake: God Demands Human Sacrifice
Trevor Blake and Dan Howland: The Easter Challenge [1][2][3][4]
Trevor Blake: The Secret Gospel of Mark
Trevor Blake: Biblical Anti-Semitism
Trevor Blake: The Twelve Apostles
Trevor Blake: Thirty Failed Prophecies in the Bible
Martin Luther: Excerpts from The Jews and Their Lies
Trevor Blake: The Church of Later-Day Saints in Black and White
Trevor Blake: The Watchtower Society and the End of Your World
Peter Lamborn Wilson: Drafts of Some Christian Poems
Trevor Blake: Good on You! An Atheist Table at Portland Community College
Trevor Blake: Case Against Tax Exemption for Religious Organizations in Oregon
Trevor Blake: An Open Letter to Amnesty International

Editions and Corrections:
1. First Edition Unrevised. December 2005. Anonymous, Trevor Blake, Dennis Dread, P. W. Kaufman, Dan Howland, Ruggero Maggi, Keiichi Nakamuri, Clemente Padin, Peter Lamborn Wilson. 76 pages. One copy.
2. First Editon Second Revision. January 2006. Five signed and numbered printed copies.
3. First Edition Third Revision. January 2006. Stated first edition third revision.
4. First Edition Fourth Revision. January 2006. Stated first edition fourth revision.
5. Minor revisions as essays are moved from PDF to blog. August 2010.
6. Second Edition, September 2011.

OVO is a collection of new works in the public domain edited and published by Trevor Blake since 1987. New issues are in progress.