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OVO 18 Money (April 2008)

Anonymous, Dmitry Babenko, Johnny Brainwash, Klint Finley, Witta Kelssling-Jensen, Vincent Al Ken, Ruggero Maggi, Mail Art Paul, Willi Melnikov, Thom Metzger, Emilio Morandi, No Institute, Wes Unruh, Carlos Valdez, Edward Wilson.

Front Cover by Dmitry Babenkio
Stencil by Trevor Blake
The Diary of a Cowboy’s Bride by Willi Melnikov
I Want to Help Her Create Herself by Willi Melnikov
Wad Rules by Thom Metzger
Ich Bin Jung by No Institute
Untitled by Ruggero Maggi
Holding Games for Ransom by Johnny Brainwash
Untitled by Ruggero Maggi
Untitled by Mail Art Paul
Untitled by Carlos Valdez
Untitled by Emilio Morandi
Money by Wes Unruh
Time is Money by Edward Wilson
Untitled by Witta Keissling-Jensen
Money Rules Everything Around Me by Vincent Al Ken
Untitled by Anonymous
The New Currency War by Klint Finley

OVO is a collection of new works in the public domain edited and published by Trevor Blake since 1987. New issues are in progress.