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Trevor Blake: Christianity in the News

American Family Association, Bible Ignored, Trainer Dies:

[The AFA calls for the death by stoning of a whale and the whale’s owners] But, the Scripture soberly warns, if one of your animals kills a second time because you didn’t kill it after it claimed its first human victim, this time you die right along with your animal. To use the example from Exodus, if your ox kills a second time, “the ox shall be stoned, and its owner also shall be put to death.” (Exodus 21:29)

NCR Hanelsblad, More Priests’ Abuse Victims Speak Out:

Over the last few days, 15 men have come forward to share stories of abuse at the hands of Dutch Salesian priests in the 1960s. One of the accused is now one of the most powerful in the order.

BBC, Voodoo Religion’s Role in Helping Haiti’s Quake Victims:

“Some Christian communities do not want to give food to voodoo followers.”

The Guardian, Gay Activists Attack Ugandan Preacher’s Porn Slideshow:

Martin Ssempa, one of the main backers of a bill that would impose the death penalty for some offenders, aired the explicit slideshow to several hundred people during a church service in Kampala yesterday. Explaining his decision to display the images, the evangelical preacher said it was necessary to educate people “about what homosexuals do”.

The Guardian, Malawi Police Launch Operation Against High-Profile Gay and Lesbian People:

Fears of backlash across Africa as US evangelists accused of spreading religious zeal behind homophobic campaigns. Okware Romano, a protester, said: “I have a verse in the bible in Leviticus 20 verse 13. It says that homosexuals should be put to death … yes.”

Miami Herald, Adoption ‘Lawyer’ Tied to Child Sex Case:

The man providing legal advice to American church workers charged with trying to take children out of Haiti did jail time in the United States for bank fraud years before emerging as the key suspect in a child prostitution ring in El Salvador, according records and interviews.

Political Insider, Georgia’s Christian Right Comes Out Against Bill Aimed at Child Prostitution:

The weight of the state’s Christian right movement just came down in opposition to a pair of bills that would steer young girls under the age of 16 into diversionary programs instead of arresting them on charges of prostitution.

The Local, Jesuit School Sex Abuse Scandal Spreads Through Germany:

The scope of a child sex abuse scandal that was uncovered at an elite Berlin Catholic school last week has spread to other parts of Germany and beyond, the provincial superior for the country’s Jesuit order Stefan Dartmann has revealed.

Sky News, Russian Orthodox Believers Hospitalised After Drinking Holy Water:

Those affected, including 48 children, are being treated in hospital for acute intestinal pain after drinking water from wells around a local church last week.

National Organization of Women, NOW Denounces Justifiable Terrorism Defense in Wichita Murder Trial:

Roeder has admitted shooting Dr. Tiller in the head as the physician ushered at Sunday morning church service. But Roeder and his lawyers say this heinous act wasn’t murder because he was driven by his religious fervor to save unborn children. Under Kansas law, voluntary manslaughter is the “unreasonable but honest belief” that the use of force was justified.

CBS News, Ex Mistress Vanessa Bulls Says Preacher Killed Wife:

Reverend Matt Baker drugged his wife, handcuffed her to the bed under the guise of spicing up their marriage, then smothered her with a pillow until she died in 2006.

Part of a series that never ends [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] and etc.  The American Family Association should be subject to federal investigation for the call to murder based on religion.  The sex laws in Uganda are horrid, but not as horrid as they’ve been portrayed. Based on the amount of sexual abuse of children among Christian clergy, perhaps the State of Georgia is protecting a monopoly in standing against child prostitution laws.

I’ve been told more than once and more than twice that without religion (preferably the religion of the person talking to me) there is no moral guidance and people will act as beasts.  Here are people who had religion, many acting as leaders and experts in their religion, who are acting like beasts.  Was the breakdown in their religion or in the individuals?  If the breakdown is in the religion, then the religion is in need of improvement or being abandoned.  If the breakdown is in the individual, what was broken in the religion that put these people in charge?  I can find examples of people acting as beasts in the name of atheism, particularly in The Terror.  Hundreds of men and women have been killed by atheists because these men and women were religious.  Why, then, are there billions upon billions of men and women killed for their religion by other religious people?  In a straight body count, atheism is less murderous than any religion or all religions.  The fine blog Dwindling in Unbelief has a handy score card of those killed by God in the Bible compared to those killed by Satan in the Bible.  Guess who stands tall on the more majestic mountain of corpses?

Moral behavior demands choice.  If I’m forced to help someone or forced to hurt someone I am not making a moral choice.  Where there is an omnipotent and all-powerful God who has decided for me what I am to be and do, I have no choice.  Where there is religion, there is no morality.  Moral behavior is limiting the harm we cause by learning from our mistakes.  Over time we can become less immoral, even if we never become all-moral.