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Jack Donovan: The Way of Men

Jack Donovan:

The Way of Men answers the question: “What is Masculinity?”

When someone tells a man to be a man, they mean that there is a way to be a man. A man is not just a thing to be – it is also a way to be, a path to follow and a way to walk.

The so-called experts give the answers that suit their masters. They tell just-so stories to protect their ideology, their religion, their way of life. They look to women for a nod of approval before speaking. They give socially acceptable answers and half-truths. If what they have to say resonates with men, it is only because they manage to hint at the real answer. The real answer is that The Way of Men is The Way of The Gang.

Manliness  – being good at being a man  – isn’t about impressing women. That’s a side effect of manliness. Manliness isn’t about being a good man. There are plenty of bad guys  – real jerks – who are manlier than you are, and you know it.

Manliness is about demonstrating to other men that you have what it takes to survive tough times. Manliness is about our primal nature. It’s about what men have always needed from each other if they wanted to win struggles against nature, and against other men.

People are talking about “the end of men,” “the decline of males,” and the so-called “crisis of masculinity.” There are many diagnoses for the troubles men face today, but the chattering class is short on solutions. They refuse to deal honestly with the differences between men and women, and fail to entertain the possibility that their vision of the future offers little of value to average males.

The “crisis of masculinity” is really a timeless push-and-pull between masculinity and civilization. The world has changed more than men have, and the security and luxury of modernity have put us conflict with our own natures. The path back to honor for men may lead through a new dark age.

The Way of Men is NOW AVAILABLE for Kindle through

It’s about 40, 00 words – a quick read and the rough equivalent of a 100-page book. YES, The Way of Men will be available for purchase IN PRINT in about a month (Late April/Early May).

From the Acknowledgements: “My Vulcan friend Trevor Blake and I have been trading ideas about manliness over drinks and cigars for years, and his pages of notes provided much food for thought.”