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Th. Metzger and rachMiel: Big Gurl

Big Gurl

“The prose equivalent of R. Crumb and S. Clay Wilson on evil speed and sterno.”
– Hakim Bey.

“Striking and original… by turns zestful and frightening.” – Publishers Weekly.

“Something original, something entertaining, and something not bound by the conventions of the mass market horror novel.” – Toxic Horror

BIG GURL by Th. Metzger and rachMiel. Cover by Kenneth Huey.

Mary Cup isn’t just a big girl – she’s Big Gurl, a queen-sized package of beauty and brawn that men are dying to get their hands on. That includes the meter man, the minister, the mugger, the social worker, and even her own Baddest Daddy. Bizarro-style horror from 1989 now back in print with a new cover.

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