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Trevor Blake: Letter from Simon Sheppard

New readers: here’s my first essay on the Heretical Two, here’s my exhaustive timeline of the Heretical Two.

This just in from Simon Sheppard, one of the Heretical Two:

Actually there are some interesting aspects of my license conditions on that front.  I have a strong suspicion that they were written by one of the chosen, because they force me to act like one in certain ways.  I got into serious trouble for asking a library assistant to check a book’s publication details on the internet – that is “accessing the internet indirectly.” I am only allowed to hint, not ask directly.  This is exactly how a pious Jew is supposed to communicate to his shabbas goy (the lackey who does all the things prohibited to an Orthodox Jew on the sabbath, like turning on a light or changing TV channel).  Plus my license conditions include “Not to have in your possession any printed or electronically recorded material or handwritten notes which contain encoded material or that can promote the destruction of or hatred for any religious or ethnic group… ” Doesn’t paranoia about “destruction” shout something about the mentality of the writer?  Jews seem to have a strong tendency to project their nature onto everyone else.

Simon Sheppard has had some unkind words for Jews at the ready in nearly every communication I’ve had with him.  Those words might drown out what I think is more important in this excerpt, so let me adjust the dial and tell me if you hear what I hear.

Simon has recently completed three years and ten months at Her Majesty’s pleasure.  His crime was publishing via words and pictures by authors and artists other than himself.  These words and pictures were found to be hate speech in his country of residence, England.  The only two eyes that the government could prove had seen were the two eyes of the government agent that filed a complaint against  The fact that the server for is located in the United States was found to be immaterial.  While he was away, the computers and publishing equipment making up his livelihood as a publisher were seized by the police.  When Simon speaks of his license, he means what we in the United States would call his terms and conditions of parole.  Simon is forbidden from accessing the internet.  Simon is forbidden from accessing the internet indirectly.  He won’t see this essay online, and if I mail him a printed copy I put him at risk for going back to prison.  As far as I know, these conditions are for life.

The government of Tibet in exile is hosted at  The servers for are located in Utah. With, legal precedent has been set that the laws governing freedom of speech in the United States are secondary to the laws of other countries when it comes to the internet.  When China demands those who operate be extradited to China, they can point to Simon’s extradition to England to strengthen their case.  Either all the piggies get to gorge at the speech trough or, well, maybe only some of the piggies do.

I have never and will never possessed any printed electronically recorded material or handwritten notes which promote the destruction of any religious or ethnic group.  But as sure as eggs are eggs I’ve published thousands of posts full of spitting hatred for Judaism, Christianity, Islam, small-time religions and religion as a whole.  Hatred for any religious group?  YOU BET.  That’s hatred for the group and not the human beings that make up the group for those keeping score at home.

I’m pretty sure is a heartbeat away from getting hate site status in the United States.  The Southern Poverty Law Center published Misogyny: The Sites in issue number 145 of their Intelligence Report.  Among what they called “woman-hating sites” was In Mala Fide.  In Mala Fide was retired by the moderator earlier this year, but if I may direct the jury’s attention to this mirror at you will see that my domain is linked under “MUST READS.”  Also fingered in Misogyny: The Sites is The Spearhead, where a simple search will reveal I’ve commented on posts.  If you’re reading this site, and I’ve read those sites, and the SPLC says In Mala Fide and The Spearhead are hate sites, then you are Jethro-Billy Hitler crawling with hate-cooties!  A secular but ritual contagion.  I wonder how this will all play out when I next travel overseas.  Or apply for a job.  I don’t begrudge the services provided by the SPLC and wearing black hats don’t make me or Simon cool guys.  I’d rather the SPLC think of me as a supporter of freedom of speech but that’s not something they’ll ask me to clarify if my time comes.

Who knows how much money it cost to put Simon away for most of the past four years.  Who knows how much it costs for Simon to be followed, such that when he asks a librarian a question he can get in trouble.  What we do know is how effective all this time and money has been in silencing – not at all.  It’s been online for the duration.

My greatest pleasure is to reach 5 o’clock, have a cup of tea and a smoke and hear that the stock market has fallen by 100 points again.  I detest the Establishment so much, and the intrusion of reality on their deceitful money system is probably the only thing that will shift them.  I have no doubt that it will happen, but when is anybody’s guess.  […] I’ve just been told I have to do a 12-week course in Leeds in which some government lackey will help to “prevent my reoffending.”  What rot.

What rot indeed.  The solution to problematic freedom of speech is more speech.  I don’t think there is a civil means to keep Simon from reoffending someone, and likely the same groups and individuals he’s been offending for a long time.  That includes me.  When he’s not free to offend me… when I’m not free to offend the faithful… then you’ll not be free to offend as well.  See you on the nice internet, fluffy full of nice things by and for nice people.  No offense.