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Trevor Blake: OVO Mission Statement 2012

Here’s the haiku version…

OVO supports these:
Pro-mutant, freedom of speech,
Learn by publishing.

Still reading? Here’s the extended version…

OVO is a collection of new works in the public domain edited and published by Trevor Blake since 1987.  OVO began as a printed work, then became an online work, and now has both printed and online forms.  Three re-occurring themes of OVO are using publication as a structure for learning, being pro-mutant and supporting freedom of speech.

I was born with an imp of the perverse on my shoulder. He, in turn, has an imp of the perverse on his shoulder.  It’s probably imps all the way down, and I’ve never succeeded in having any of them shut up enough to give me a few days rest.  So I don’t give my readers much rest either.  Draw a circle and I want to step outside it.  When you step outside the circle you meet everybody else who did as well.  Unless you question authority only once, you find yourself in ever-larger overlapping circles to step in and out of.

I’m a fan of the mutant, the underdog and the outsider.  Not the ‘working class,’ whoever they are.  It’s just that I don’t like normal people.  I don’t like their music or their art.  I don’t like their clothes or their food.  I don’t claim to be the most travelled avantnaut in the cosmos but I know I’m a little weird.  If we’re friends, there’s something about you that isn’t standard issue and that’s a fact.

Taking the pro-mutant side has paid off far more than it’s cost.  I’m not a fan of every mutant.  Don’t take it personally, because I can’t stand my own company sometimes.  Sometimes I’ve waved somebody else’s flag with a vigor that is embarrassing later.  Sometimes I’ve taken a side in drama that wasn’t my own because gooble-gobble that team said I was one of them, one of them.  Sometimes I’ve pushed away from a mutant whose mutations were toxic to my own.  But all my life I’ve been hanging out with the most fun and interesting and go-getter people alive today, and it looks like I will be doing so for the duration.  It doesn’t pay well, but it doesn’t cost as much as a dull life.

Freedom of Speech
The freedom that makes the ur-freedom, self-ownership, a delight.

Publishing as Learning
Individual issues of OVO have a single theme.  I learn about that theme during production.  Every issue of OVO teaches me something about publishing.  I have learned (among much else) about mayhemcontrolsciencetravelsufferingspermChristianityconspiracymoneyPortland and self-publishing.