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Pavlov’s Dogs

Fan film based on The Invisibles by Grant Morrison, Volume 2 Number 19. 3 minutes 30 seconds, color, sound.

Grant Morrison: creator and writer.
Chris Weston: penciller.
Ray Kryssing: Inker.
Daniel Vozzo: color and separation.
Todd Klein: letterer.
Shelly Roeberg: editor.

Nabil Shaban: Mr. Quimper. Jolly Roger.
Trevor Blake: sound and tremendous gratitude to all of the above.


Mr. Quimper: First and foremost, whatever else you may think, you are machines. Biological robots, operated by electrical firings and chemical spasms. Ha ha. We can steer you like cars. See? You came here to learn the truth about things. Here is the truth. Follow me.

Things are simple: you forgot you were parts of a machine. Because of your forgetfulness the machine is inefficient. We can correct your functioning. We must correct it.

You, in your chaotic state, may experience our efforts in value-laden terms; feelings of degradation, shame and humiliation are common. Those states are simply the reaction of a damaged subjective unit during its returning to the objective reality of the machine.

Individuality is the name you give your sickness. Your deviation from correct functioning. Understand this. We have come to free you from chaos and uncertainty. And individuality.

There are no monsters here. There are no demons. Your search for value is part of your pathology. Your questions are meaningless.

Jolly Roger: (gasp)

Mr. Quimper: There are no questions here. What is, is. Nothing is open to interpretation. Your search for god is over. God is in the machine.

1 December 2012: Klint Finley, Invisibles Fan Film: Pavlov’s Dogs.