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Trevor Blake: The Story of the First Christmas 2012


In the beginning God made man all messed up and prone to do bad things, which got God mad.  So God cursed man and even killed everybody except one family in a flood.  God was still mad but later said okay man here’s a second chance.  God sent God to man as a sacrifice to God, which pleased God so it was all good.  Christmas is that story.

Jesus Christ was the 28th or 43rd decendent of David.  Those two numbers are pretty close. The important part is that Jesus was a decendent of David because not one or two but three prophecies demand it.  But if there are one or two verses that say Mary was instead from the house of Levi then lighten up, okay?  Listen.  His parents Mary and Joseph were in Bethlehem, they were already there because that was their home town.  Unless it was Nazareth.  Yeah, Nazareth, maybe.  One of those two.  Either way, they went from Bethlehem to Egypt to Nazareth.   Or maybe from Nazareth to Bethlehem to Jerusalem to Nazareth.  Don’t get too hung up in the details, it’s not like the Bible is supposed to be perfect or anything.  Jesus had to be born in Bethlehem because that’s what the prophecy says.  Or almost says.  Close enough.  And He had to be coming back from Egypt from somewhere (unless He wasn’t) because there was this other prophecy that said so, or at least had some of the same words in the sentence.  You have to grant me that.  Galilee, that’s for sure where He was born.  As to what really happened at Jesus’ birth maybe only His mother knew.

Just put all that to the side for a second.  What matters, what really matters is that Jesus was born to be the messiah.  Galilee is for sure where He was born, so just ignore that part where it says that can’t be true no matter how strongly it says so.  Jesus was God made flesh, which God saidtwice – He would never do, and God never lies, so that’s a miracle right there.  Jesus was full of miracles.  He said there would be only one ‘kind’ of Christian, not thousands of denominations.  Jesus said He wouldn’t give any signs, then He did – hey!  He’s God, He can do that.  You can’t do that, can you smart guy?  Jesus came to save everybody, or maybe just some people.  You never know so you gotta be good, He’s more powerful than Santa like that.  Jesus said He’d always be with us or maybe not.  Jesus always followed the law, except about what He could eat, washing His hands, the Sabbath, fasting, adultery, divorce, lying and stealing.  Jesus even knew He’d be beheaded just like John the Baptist but Jesus used time travel powers and got crucified instead.

Okay you’re trying to use logic and science and stuff, big bang, you think you’re a monkey or something.  Well this monkey has his mind open enough to believe that Jesus came back from the dead, which is the slam-dunk evidence He was the real deal. When the women went to Jesus’ tomb it was open.  Or closed.  He had all this holy powers on Him, so you couldn’t touch Him or you could but it’d be like wow.  Jesus stayed on Earth for one day or eight days or forty-plus days or something, plenty of time for thousands of people to see him.  That’s how we know He rose up into the sky from the Mount of OlivesJerusalemBethany.  Whatever, they saw it happen.  There’s really good evidence for Jesus.

Merry Christmas!