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Trevor Blake: Islam in the News #16 (5 August 2010)

Jihad Watch: Nine Years Later, Church at Ground Zero Still Not Rebuilt, But Mad Rush to Build Islamic Supremacist Mega-Mosque The rebuilding project is mired in bureaucracy, with New York City officials being uncooperative and throwing up roadblock after roadblock. The contrast is telling with the mad rush on the part of New York City […]

Pat Condell: No Mosque at Ground Zero

via youtube. Some additional information on the ground zero mosque not discussed in Mr. Condell’s video: United Flight 175 about to strike the South Tower of the World Trade Center. United Flight 175, having struck the South Tower of the World Trade Center, with its landing gear and other debris exploding out the other side. […]

Trevor Blake: Architecture

Trevor Blake: Architecture. Digital image.  Portland Oregon USA. 23 July 2010.

Trevor Blake: Islam in the News #14 (15 July 2010)

Robert Spencer: A Landmarks Commission Hearing, and Much More Perhaps predictably, the Landmarks Commission hearing today to consider landmark status for 45 Park Place, the proposed site of the Islamic supremacist mega-mosque overlooking Ground Zero, was about much more than just whether the building at 45 Park Place merited landmark status or not. It quickly […]