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Trevor Blake: Bearing Service Co.

1040 NW Everett St. Portland, OR 97209 Bearing Service Company was founded in 1929. The Bearing Service Company building was built in 1945. Above the entryway there is a Deco style sign and round overhang. The round overhang is completed in it’s reflection in the front window. At the base of the column supporting the […]

Trevor Blake: Architecture of Occupy Portland

Trevor Blake: Architectural Detail of Occupy Portland. 11/11/11. Portland Oregon USA. Public Domain. More public domain photographs of Occupy Portland by Trevor Blake here.

Trevor Blake: The Liberty Ships

The USS Oregon was launched in 1893 and served until 1919. The battleship’s crew saw action in five wars. The Oregon was scrapped in 1956. The bow, mast and anchor chain of the Oregon are in Tom McCall Waterfront Park, near SW Pine and Naito. One mile north is the Albers Mill Building. The smokestacks […]

Lisa Loving: ‘Portland Memorials’ Lists City Histories Depicted in Park Benches, Fountains, and More

Portland writer Trevor Blake’s book, Portland Memorials, is a compilation of historical markers to be found by walking through the downtown area. Sound simple? Consider that the author must at some points have practically crawled on his hands and knees to transcribe dates and names from the thousands of “plaques, buildings, statues, benches and fountains” […]

Trevor Blake: Architecture

Trevor Blake: Architecture. Portland Oregon USA. October 2011. Public Domain.