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Pat Condell: A Society of Cowards

Like Taking Vaticandy from Children

The itsy-bitsy Holy See (aka The Vatican) holds a seat at the United Nations. They were squirming in that seat this week as the UN them they must dismiss clergy who rape children rather than reward them with a new parish to plunder. Imagine if Prince Albert II, head of state in the Principality of […]

Pax Corvus

Pax Corvus by Trevor Blake. Based on a photograph by Gregorio Borgia / Associated Press. Block print. 4.5 inches by 6.5 inches. Edition of nine. February 2014. Every Sunday the Bishop of Rome recites the Angelus Prayer. ┬áThis practice has roots more than seven hundred years old but in it’s current form was established by […]

Jesus & Mo

Offense! The gift no one wants to give but once received everyone loves to share. And not even feminists can sputter and shout as loudly as our official officers of oriental offense, the Muslim world. Jesus and Mo is a comic strip by Mohammed Jones. Each week these best of friends meet for an innocent […]

Trevor Blake: I Have Met the Enemy

I begin with a tale sure to embarrass myself, thus winning you to my cause. In 1984 I was listening to experimental music to the exclusion of all other music. Rhythms not produced by machinery were not part of my sonic diet, and songs had to mean something (or at least be mean) to gain […]