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Trevor Blake: The Year in Review 2012

The World Spent time with some of the finest men and women I’ve met. Reconnected with old friends near and far. Accepted more invitations to do things before I thought of reasons to say no. Settled in to a new job. Got some hiking in, a little bike riding, plenty of walking. Bought a year […]

Dora Marsden Tumblr

Subscribe now to a weekly tumblr of quotes from Dora Marsden, scheduled to begin January 2013. Read more about Dora Marsden here.

Trevor Blake: Self-Publishing Evolution

I self-publish as a means to teach myself new skills and topics.  The following is an expansion on one section of that mission statement, organized around the mistakes I made and how I fixed them. My self-publishing began in 1979.  Most of those items are lost.  My mistake with the work from 1979 to the beginning […]

Trevor Blake: One Hundred Art Blogs

One hundred blogs that emphasize images over text, compiled by Trevor Blake in September 2010.  Some few sites include some small amount of nudity or bloodshed.  Arranged alphabetically without comment to encourage the reader to try new things. Sites update from several times a day to almost never. Pop-up heavy sites (livejournal), especially popular sites […]