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Category Archives: DIY

Trevor Blake: Self-Publishing Evolution

I self-publish as a means to teach myself new skills and topics.  The following is an expansion on one section of that mission statement, organized around the mistakes I made and how I fixed them. My self-publishing began in 1979.  Most of those items are lost.  My mistake with the work from 1979 to the beginning […]

Trevor Blake: Punk Rockets

I will be making and giving away 300 model rocket kits and demonstrating model rocket skills at the Portland Mini Maker Faire, September 15-16.  Details at…  

Trevor Blake: Floating Bathtub Stopper

Trevor Blake: Floating Bathtub Stopper.  Corks, chain, stopper.  2010.

Trevor Blake: Make a Video Projector

Previously: Make an Enlarging Projector. First, find an abandoned projection television in 2008. Remove a lens with a hammer. Lens removed by hammer. In 2011, mount lens on cigar box base.  Mount video source upside down on cigar box sliding lid with Erector Set pieces from thrift store.  Sliding cigar box lid adjusts focus.  Image […]

Trevor Blake: Acoustic Amplifier for MP3 Player

Acoustic Amplifier for MP3 Player. Prototype. Plastic bottles, foamcore, glue, mp3 player, headphones. Works better than nothing.