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Are We There Yet? Dave Brockie Edition

Are We There Yet? is a series about changed minds. Dave Brockie: On the old site I used to have this thing called “Stupid,” and damned if it wasn’t one of the more popular pages. The idea was this: for a year straight I would catalog every single act of stupidity I committed. Hopefully I […]

Trevor Blake: I Have Met the Enemy

I begin with a tale sure to embarrass myself, thus winning you to my cause. In 1984 I was listening to experimental music to the exclusion of all other music. Rhythms not produced by machinery were not part of my sonic diet, and songs had to mean something (or at least be mean) to gain […]

Trevor Blake: Sleepchamber Soundtrax

Trevor Blake: Sleepchamber Soundtrax.  Digital image, 2009.  Commissioned (and rejected) art work for the CD Sleepchamber Soundtracks, published in a DVD case.  Previously unpublished.  Much more information at

The Old Silverback Hour

If you’re fortunate enough to have visited me in my very home, you will surely have learned by now that more than anything else I listen to jazz from the 1920s and 1930s. Night and day, my friend. Now you can have that very self-same experience in your own home, by listening via podcast to […]

Interview: V. Vale

17 July 1990 interview with V. Vale, publisher of Search and Destroy, co-founder of Re/Search Publications. OVO: What is the main source for the information that you publish? VALE: We never tire of saying that our main influences were surrealism and situationism, and surrealism as you know placed a great deal of influence on objective […]