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Review: The Skeptics Annotated Bible

Purchase The Skeptics Annotated Bible. Visit The Skeptics Annotated Bible site. Already forgotten in the mists of antiquity, before the World Wide Web there was a computer network made up of bulletin board systems (BBS). The BBS could send messages to each other, arriving in a few days while letters (a barbaric form of proto-communication […]

Matt Forney: Review of Ecclesiastes

Reprinted with kind permission from The Real Matt Forney. It’s funny: for a guy who went to a Catholic school, I really don’t remember much about the Bible. We had religion classes once a day during my entire tenure there, but I never cottoned to my school’s limp-wristed, social justice interpretation of Christianity, and I […]

Are We There Yet? William Powell Edition

Are We There Yet? is a series about changed minds. In November 1991 I published a review of William Powell’s book The Anarchist Cookbook in my zine OVO.  I received the review without credit, but now I know the review was originally published in the New Libertarian, Volume V, Number III, April 1988.  Powell has […]

Trevor Blake: Year in Review 2013

Prescriptions, claims about how things should be, have their place. Their place is largely in my past and outside of me. I know what I prefer but can’t tease out of that how things should be. I am humbled by how wrong I was about how things should be in the face of what is. […]

Are We There Yet? Ex Cathedra Edition

Are We There Yet? is a series about changed minds. Ex Cathedra: Thinking Globally, Ranting Locally (early 2007): When the Pope proclaims an infallible religious truth, he does it ex cathedra. In Latin, ex cathedra means “from the chair.” Professors who hold “chairs” in universities participate in the same image, although with a far higher […]