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Trevor Blake: Self-Publishing Evolution

I self-publish as a means to teach myself new skills and topics.  The following is an expansion on one section of that mission statement, organized around the mistakes I made and how I fixed them. My self-publishing began in 1979.  Most of those items are lost.  My mistake with the work from 1979 to the beginning […]

Trevor Blake: Nobody Likes Press Releases

For immediate release! OVO has recently added the contents of two older online projects that I was a part of: my links at and my first blog. OVO now has 18,689 posts from June 2001 to the present.  Later I hope to import all of my flickr images, BBS messages and usenet posts.  The […]

I’ve waited forever for some animation by / inspired by Kim Deitch. Here it is!

Swingstyle-Syndicate-Reversknopf – für alle großen und kleinen Bastler.