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Trevor Blake: Three Predictions Part Two, Same Sex Marriage

Some groups and individuals oppose legal access to same sex marriage.  This includes homosexual groups and individuals, some from the left, some from the right.  I predict they will be displeased if legal access to same sex marriage occurs in the United States.  There is no right to happiness. According to the General Accounting Office […]

Trevor Blake: Introduction to OVO 16 ANTICHRIST

OUTLAW CHRISTIANITY! DEATH TO ALL CHRISTIANS! The above does not reflect the intention of OVO, and in fact stands opposite to it. The above is provided to feed the presuppositions of those who will not actually read this issue of OVO. Any review of this issue that quotes the words above is likely to have […]

Trevor Blake: The Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints in Black and White

Those Mormons sure are friendly. But are they friendly to all of God’s children? The following quotations from Nephi, Jacob, and Alma are from the Book of Mormon. In modern editions of the Book of Mormon the word ‘white’ (skin) is often changed to ‘pure’ (character); the original text is quoted here. As the Book […]

Martin Luther: Excerpts from The Jews and Their Lies

Protestant Christianity was founded by Martin Luther. What did Luther have to say about Jews? Maybe Luther wasn’t such a great moral leader after all. Maybe these proposals bore fruit in Luther’s country four hundred years later.  The following are quotes from Luther’s book The Jews and Their Lies (1543). I had made up my […]

Trevor Blake: Prohibition in the News

Paul Elam: Drugs, War, Blood and Money It started, like a lot of deadly bad ideas, with politicians. We can thank the Democrats for the inception, but somewhere along the line, the Republicans stepped in to prove they were just as stupid. Woodrow Wilson, who also gave us the Federal Reserve Act, the first draft […]