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Trevor Blake: The Year in Review 2012

The World Spent time with some of the finest men and women I’ve met. Reconnected with old friends near and far. Accepted more invitations to do things before I thought of reasons to say no. Settled in to a new job. Got some hiking in, a little bike riding, plenty of walking. Bought a year […]

Trevor Blake: Punk Rockets

I will be making and giving away 300 model rocket kits and demonstrating model rocket skills at the Portland Mini Maker Faire, September 15-16. ┬áDetails at…  

Trevor Blake: Moon Rock

Trevor Blake touches a moon rock. This basalt rock is more than 3.75 billion years old (the Earth is 4.52 billion years old). It was brought to Earth by the Apollo 17 mission. From the ‘Driven to Explore’ exhibit seen here and here. One of a small number of moon rocks that the public can […]

Trevor Blake: LFRA February 2011

Trevor Blake: LFRA February 2011. Plastic bottles, tape.

Trevor Blake: Light Fuse Run Away

Undisclosed Location, 9 August 2010.