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Trevor Blake: Let’s All Share – You Go First

Marxism has a long and well-¬≠known history of emerging from the working class, that group who through no fault of their own are impoverished and without political power. We start with Karl Marx (born to a wealthy family) and his comrade Friedrich Engles (born to a wealthy family). Their writing inspired Vladimir Lenin (born to […]

Confessions of a Failed Egoist

Buy Confessions of a Failed Egoist by Trevor Blake. $9.95 plus postage Underworld Amusements, Publisher Available 1 April 2014 Paperback 140 pages 8″ x 5.2″ ISBN 978-0988553651 TREVOR BLAKE… IS… DENSE “Trevor Blake hails and assails the ‘ism’ closest to His heart in a Mencken-like step-right-up, soapbox style that is smart, dense and fun […]

Are We There Yet? bolo’bolo Edition

Are We There Yet? is a series about changed minds. p.m.: I was born in Switzerland and I live in Zurich. My main job is teaching at a secondary school, and I have always been politically active in my free time. I am an old activist from the 1960s; I was there at the anti-Vietnam […]

Trevor Blake: I Have Met the Enemy

I begin with a tale sure to embarrass myself, thus winning you to my cause. In 1984 I was listening to experimental music to the exclusion of all other music. Rhythms not produced by machinery were not part of my sonic diet, and songs had to mean something (or at least be mean) to gain […]

For Ourselves: The Right to Be Greedy

Free download:¬†HTML / Kindle / PDF (3.3 MB, 30,000 words, 72 pages). For Ourselves The Right to Be Greedy Theses On The Practical Necessity Of Demanding Everything Table of Contents Introduction I. Wealth II. Individualism and Collectivism III. The Dialectic of Egoism IV. The Resonance of Egoisms V. Communist Society VI. Radical Subjectivity VII. Pleasure […]