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Trevor Blake: Self-Publishing Evolution

I self-publish as a means to teach myself new skills and topics.  The following is an expansion on one section of that mission statement, organized around the mistakes I made and how I fixed them. My self-publishing began in 1979.  Most of those items are lost.  My mistake with the work from 1979 to the beginning […]


[This review of OVO 20 JUVEN(a/i)LIA is reprinted with permission from Good Reads.] I started mail networking in the fall of 1978 when I was 25. I’d gotten a list of names & addresses from my friend Cathy Gayhardt wch I later realized had been at least partially provided to her by “Blaster” Al Ackerman. […]

Ferdinand Bardamu: Bardamu’s Bookbag

This review of OVO 20: JUVEN(a/i)LIA by Trevor Blake was written by Ferdinand Bardamu, and appeared at his blog In Mala Fide in November 2011. This is a best-of collection of articles and artwork from OVO, a zine founded and edited by friend of the blog Trevor Blake, “a public record of [his] interests and […]

OVO 20 Juven(a/i)lia (October 2011)

OVO 20 JUVEN(a/i)LIA 112 pages, 8.5 x 11, $10.00 The best of OVO 1987 – 2011. Walter Alter, Dmitry Babenko, Hakim Bey, Trevor Blake, Johnny Brainwash, Chris C. Cilla, Cunnichant Night Owl, Mike Diana, Yael Ruth Dragwyla, James Ellis, Karen Elliot, Feral Faun, Klint Finley, Richard Ford, Chris Gross, Mike Gunderloy, Ginger Hutton, Ian MacEwan, […]

Mike Diana: Attack of the Giant Killer Sperm

Mike Diana: Attack of the Giant Killer Sperm from OVO 15 SPERM (February 2005) See also: OVO 10 MAYHEM (July 1991)