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Confessions of a Failed Egoist

Buy Confessions of a Failed Egoist by Trevor Blake. $9.95 plus postage Underworld Amusements, Publisher Available 1 April 2014 Paperback 140 pages 8″ x 5.2″ ISBN 978-0988553651 TREVOR BLAKE… IS… DENSE “Trevor Blake hails and assails the ‘ism’ closest to His heart in a Mencken-like step-right-up, soapbox style that is smart, dense and fun […]

Trevor Blake: Self-Publishing Evolution

I self-publish as a means to teach myself new skills and topics.  The following is an expansion on one section of that mission statement, organized around the mistakes I made and how I fixed them. My self-publishing began in 1979.  Most of those items are lost.  My mistake with the work from 1979 to the beginning […]

Trevor Blake: The Easter Challenge 2012

Welcome to the Easter Challenge! Our panel of experts – Matthew, Mark, Luke, John and our Mystery Guest – have two thousand years to give consistent answer to simple questions about the resurrection of Christ. No proof is required, only consistent answers. Our questions are prepared by Dan Baker, author of Losing Faith in Faith. […]


[This review of OVO 20 JUVEN(a/i)LIA is reprinted with permission from Good Reads.] I started mail networking in the fall of 1978 when I was 25. I’d gotten a list of names & addresses from my friend Cathy Gayhardt wch I later realized had been at least partially provided to her by “Blaster” Al Ackerman. […]

Lisa Loving: ‘Portland Memorials’ Lists City Histories Depicted in Park Benches, Fountains, and More

Portland writer Trevor Blake’s book, Portland Memorials, is a compilation of historical markers to be found by walking through the downtown area. Sound simple? Consider that the author must at some points have practically crawled on his hands and knees to transcribe dates and names from the thousands of “plaques, buildings, statues, benches and fountains” […]